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The new Lollini’s Catalog : Concorde 2004


- un Catalog of all the stamps worldwide issued about Concorde Supersonic airliner.

- A beautiful collection in 4 volumes of LOLLINI illustrated Albums.

To know more please go ESPACE LOLLINI (www.espacelollini.com)

>Moreover, these albums are upgraded each year since 1958, so we need to redesign the first volume, it is in progress. in 1998 we did the new version of the volume number 2 (it is available).

May 1999 : Search was undertaken for two months before the beginning of work, on the Web, in the libraries, close to our customers, members of the club Concorde, control and crew.

2 July 1999 : We start and are confronted seriously with the paradox of the white sheet, in spite of the piles of documents, it is difficult to find on the one hand a method coherent, and on the other hand to make choices: prototype or commercial model? To trust the false model that is so easy to observe, or to base on the photographs so badly definite??

12 October 1999: This work remains unfinished, fault of precise documents (plane, photographs of detail, etc...) and because of certain contradictions in the found documents.

In the current statewe have the form whom you can see, without texture nor painting, which remains inaccurate.

For modeling and rendering we use Newtek LightWave Macintosh, the principal body is made of only one holding in N.U.R.B.S. then transformed into polygons (157844) to create the images. There is not a better way of proceeding and there is not any fine any more software of computer-generated images.

However they are very expensive methods in time for the creator. Progressively with the production of the images we will present them here to you.

14 October 1999 : Added AIR FRANCE color mapping on the side, and porthole illumination mapping.

19 October 1999 : 4 New pictures

15 December 1999 : the 4 New pictures links are now working, sorry...

28 December 1999 : CHEZ.com is limitting file size to 170KB, my 2MB movie will be available when I know where to upload it, but it will be downladable from THIS page. (quicktime v4 required)

3 Feb. 2000 : Now available! You can download our animation! This is a simulation. The cameraman is in a plane wich is passed by the Concorde, it is evident that it was difficult for him to follow the action... CLICK HERE!!!! 2400Ko version 2 (3Mo)

2 June 2000 : a ftp folder on wich you can find our Concorde in postcombustion(1,5Mb), and new images!

10th November The New CONCORDE CATALOG 2001 is now available! !!

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