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Collection of World wide Stamps

Stamp with Laïka

Collecting is like dreaming without sleeping, starting a quest to other worlds. It's like travelling without moving, in countries we don't know, It makes Geography easy to learn. It means also travelling through time, back and forward. Your turn to choose.

This collection helps you see all the great Space and related events from 1957 to today.

The little Russian satellite sputnik was the starting point of that extraordinary collection. Indeed, sputnik 1 in 1957 was transmitting a "beep-beep" in space! The collection was born with it.

For instance, you all saw the HALE - BOPP comet in the sky. Some states commemorated the passage of that comet with stamps or souvenir sheet.

In 1986, the Giotto probe went through the tail of the Halley during its return journey. That event enabled us to offer you a wonderful album. The most popular comet (Mesopotamian writing, fresco of Jesus' crib, "Bayeux tapestry", etc.), Halley, makes here its ultimate orbit, given that its fragments are now scattered into space.


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