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Here are details about a :
Space commemorative cover
or Space Cover.

the flag of USA
Cosmodrom : USA

Date of Cancellation: Oct. 26, 1960
Kind of Event : Launch
Launch pad : USA Vandenberg (CA)
habité?/manned?: robot
Mission type : Failure

ou?/where?: au sol - ground
autographe?: non - none

Description : The KH-2 (Keyhole-2) was second version in the Corona-program to build an optical reconnaissance satellite. These satellites were all launched under the name Discoverer.

The KH-2 payload consisted of the improved C’ (Corona prime) single panoramic camera and a single General Electric return vehicle (SRV, Satellite Return Vehicle). The improved and simplified C’-camera was built by the Fairchild Camera Co. and with a f/5.0 aperture and 61 cm focal length had a ground resolution of 10.7 m.

The satellite was based on the larger Agena-B upper stage, which provided attitude control in orbit. The film return capsule carried its own small solid-fuel retro motor to deorbit at the end of the mission with mid-air recovery of the returning capsule by a specially equipped aircraft.

Ten KH-2 satellites were launched, of which four resulted in a successful return of film. Four missions failed to orbit.

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SPACE REVUE : 02 - 2015

Last modified: 04/02/2017 @ 17h02

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enveloppe USA 35 - cover USA 35
USA 35

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