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The space events

that were commemorated by astrophilatelical documents (covers).

The event, that is to say : the date of the day of the launch, docking, crash, moon landing, return... is the foundation of astrophilatelia. A space commemorative cover, or astropilatelical document, must have postmark with date of the day of the event and this postmark must be from the post office the closest possible from the plase of the event.

Use the filter field, type a criteria then hit the return or enter key.

Or click one word among this list of the most researched :
Apollo · Ariane · ATV · China · Explorer · failure · Gemini · Giotto · ISS · Mercury · military · MIR · Pioneer · Progress · Salyut · STS · Soyuz · Test · Vostok · SpacEX · Falcon · Dragon

Number of events : 5order : alphabeticalby date.Filter :

   Event name and link to coversstart or 
 end or
   ARIANE V 181/528 (ARIANE 5 ES) · ATV-1 JULES VERNE (FIRST EUROPEAN CARGO S...03/09/2008  09/29/2008
   ARIANE V 200/544 (ARIANE 5 ES) · ATV-2 JOHANNES KEPLER (CARGO SHIP) · I.S....02/16/2011  06/21/2011
   ARIANE VA 205/553 · ATV-3 EDOARDO AMALDI (CARGO SHIP) · I.S.S. EXPEDITION ...03/12/2012  10/03/2012
   ARIANE VA 213/592 · I.S.S. EXPEDITION 36 · ATV-4 ALBERT EINSTEIN (CARGO SH...06/05/2013  11/02/2013
   ARIANE VA 219/593 · ATV-5 GEORGES LEMAITRE (CARGO SHIP) · I.S.S. EXPEDITIO...07/29/2014  02/15/2015

Number of events : 5order : alphabeticalby date.Filter :

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