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Here are details about a :
Space commemorative cover
or Space Cover.

Cosmodrom : Kourou

Date of Cancellation: Jun 8, 1971
Kind of Event : Launch
Launch pad : CSG Kourou French Guyana ESA
habité?/manned?: robot
Mission type : Experimental & Science

ou?/where?: au sol - ground
autographe?: non - none

Description : Véronique is a French liquid-fuelled sounding rocket that was developed partly by German scientists who worked in Peenemünde. The Véronique was built between 1950 and 1969 in several versions, of which the versions P2, P6 and R were only experimental models.
On this cover : Véronique 61M, extended version of Véronique 61.

Keyword(s) :
#LOLLINI (design),

Earlier Space Revue item.

Last modified: 04/03/2017 @ 16h18

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K 7 A

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Space Event :

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