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the flag of the country GABON


Issued: Feb. 27, 2019.-
Printed: 50 units
4 Values imerforate non-dentelé ND IMPERFORATE
Kind: First day cover F.D.C.
Printing method: offset
Width (mm): 160
Height (mm): 136

Description : 50th anniversary of the first man on the Moon. NASA logo 50th anniversary of Apollo, "from the Moon to Mars". Neil Armstrong, Gemini 8 flight, Portrait and Agena rocket. Eagle has landed, ESA ExoMars near the red planet. Sheetlet of 4 stamps.

Values informations :
sheetlet of 4:
10580 GAB 21    900fr Fusée Cible Agena
10580 GAB 22    900fr Portrait Neil Armstrong
10580 GAB 23    900fr Eagle has landed
10580 GAB 24    900fr Sonde ESA Exomars

Stamp Designer : Bernard et Alexandre Lolliuni

SPACE REVUE : 07 - 2019

Keyword(s) : #Apollo, #Art, #Astronaut, #Famous man, #LOLLINI (design), #Mars and probes, #Moon and probes, #N.A.S.A., #Planet, #Rocket, #Satellite, #Spaceship.

Last modified: 06/01/2019 @ 16h11

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very low stockpurchase this item 10580 GAB 21/24 FA 34,-  
availablepurchase this item 10580 GAB 17/20  15,-  
availablepurchase this item 10580 GAB 21/24 C 15,-  
availablepurchase this item 10580 GAB 21/24 CA 30,-  
very low stockpurchase this item 10580 GAB 21/24 EA 25,-  
very low stockpurchase this item 10580 GAB 21/24 F 18,-  
very low stockpurchase this item 10580 GAB 17/20 F 18,-  

illustration of chapter apollo - 50 years from our albumSpace chapter :
10580 GAB 21/24 FA
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the stamp 10580 GAB 21/24 FA
10580 GAB 21/24 FA

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