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the flag of the country MALI


Issued: Jan. 14, 2018.-
Printed: 16 units
4 Values imerforate non-dentelé ND IMPERFORATE
Kind: Deluxe final proof
Printing method: offset
Width (mm): 210
Height (mm): 148

Description : 60th anniversary of the first Earth satellite.
Sputnik 1, Euclid Space Télescope, Araks - coopération CNES-USSR, Aureol - upper atmosphere weather.
Sheetlet of 4 stamps designed by Bernard & Alexandre Lollini.

Designer proof, unofficial, signed by Bernard and Alexandre Lollini. The stamp as it was sent to authorities for security printing, some differences with the final stamp are visible (changes in the text, more vivid colors, exceptional contrast and sharpness).
You will be able to compare this original with the official stamp.
Stamps created by Bernard and Alexandre Lollini. - Each print is signed by both authors. 4 drawings stamp on the sheetlet.

Values informations :
10560 MLI 52    500fr SPOUTNIK 1 - 60e anniversaire
10560 MLI 53    500fr EUCLID - Telescope Spatial ESA
10560 MLI 54    500fr ARAKS - Coopération CNES-URSS
10560 MLI 55    500fr AUREOL - Meteo haute atmosphère

Stamp Designer : Bernard & Alexandre Lollini

SPACE REVUE : 10 - 2018

Keyword(s) : #Art, #Astronaut, #Cosmonaut, #Deep space, #ESA, #Famous man, #LOLLINI (design), #Rocket, #Satellite, #Sonde, #Spaceship, #Telescope.

Last modified: 10/04/2018 @ 14h06

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very low stockpurchase this item 10560 MLI 52/55 EA 25,-  
availablepurchase this item 10560 MLI 52/55 C 15,-  
availablepurchase this item 10560 MLI 52/55 CA 31,-  
very low stockpurchase this item 10560 MLI 48/51 F 18,-  
very low stockpurchase this item 10560 MLI 52/55 F 18,-  
very low stockpurchase this item 10560 MLI 52/55 FA 34,-  
availablepurchase this item 10560 MLI 48/51  15,-  

illustration of chapter spoutnik 1 - 60 years from our albumSpace chapter :
10560 MLI 52/55 EA
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the stamp 10560 MLI 52/55 EA
10560 MLI 52/55 EA

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