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the flag of the country IVORY COAST


Issued: Mar. 17, 2018.-
Printed: 100 units
1 Value imerforate non-dentelé ND IMPERFORATE
Kind: Souvenir Sheet ( 1 value illustrated )
Printing method: offset
Width (mm): 128
Height (mm): 95

Description : Year 2018 in space. ESA program to preserve our planet. ADM-Aeolus (abbreviation of Atmospheric Dynamics Mission + Aeolus, god of the wind,) is a satellite for observation of the dynamics of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Values informations :
10568 IVO 10 B	1500fr Bloc Feuillet
	           Préservation atmosphère terrestre

Stamp Designer : Bernard et Alexandre Lollini

SPACE REVUE : 08 - 2018

Keyword(s) : #Ariane, #Art, #LOLLINI (design), #Planet, #Rocket, #Satellite, #Spaceship.

Last modified: 07/26/2018 @ 17h09

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very low stockpurchase this item 10568 IVO 10 BA 14,-  
very low stockpurchase this item 10568 IVO 10 F 10,-  
stock 2 informationpurchase this item 10568 IVO 10 FA 17,-  
very low stockpurchase this item 10568 IVO 10 B 7,-  

illustration of chapter falcon heavy mars from our albumSpace chapter :
10568 IVO 10 BA
 Album Page :

theme METEOROLOGIE meteo theme
 Album Page :

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the stamp 10568 IVO 10 BA
10568 IVO 10 BA

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